The Integra brand connotes quality, style, and performance. Websters dictionary defines integrity, the brands namesake, as a rigid adherence to a code or standard of values, which is exactly what you get with the new CDC-3.1. Its a full featured six-disc carousel CD changer thats built to tighter tolerances, in terms of both fit-and-finish and its circuitry, to deliver audio performance that a critical music lover requires. A proprietary Accupulse Quartz DAC, the most advanced single-bit system available, gives you ultrafine resolution of music details, sweeter sounding quiet passages and a better sense of ambiance. For operating convenience you get direct play from the front panel and remote. Theres also Next Selection programming that doesnt interrupt play when you choose the next song. And six repeat modes so you can sit back and enjoy your music the way that pleases you most.

Single-Bit DAC x
Accupulse Quartz System x
6-Disc Changer Carousel
Peak Search by remote
Number Of Repeat Modes 6
Random Track Memory 40
Shuffle/Random Play by remote
Direct Track Access by remote
Digital Output (Optical/Coaxial) 1 Optical
Analog Output (Fixed) x
RI Remote Control x