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The best parts, technology and engineering come together to bring you an unparalleled music listening experience.

Original and Exclusive 6-disc CD Carousel

Integra was the first company to offer an exclusive 6-disc carousel in a CD changer. The tradition continues with the newly redesigned CDC-3.4. It features smooth & quiet mechanical operation, plus a soft blue light which illuminates the disc tray for better visibility. You can also load up to 5 discs while one is still playing for extended listening times without interruption.

Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry

Conventional analog filters reduce digital noise at the D/A conversion stage, and then the VLSC uses a 'Vector Generator' to output a smooth and noiseless analog signal. This results in a dramatically improved sound quality for all types of music signals.

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Disc Mechanism 6-Disc Carousel Changer
Ultra Smooth and Quiet Disc Mechanism
Disc Change During Playback Up to 5 Discs
Repeat Modes All Discs, Entire Disc, Random Tracks, Memory Tracks
Random Memory, Single Folder, Single Track
Memory Playback 40-Track
Direct Track Access
Shuffle / Random Play
Multi-Bit Digital to Analog Converter Wolfson 192 kHz / 24-bit (x2)
Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) ✓ (for Noise Free Signal Path)
Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code (CIRC) Error Correction
Oversampling 128-times
MP3 Playback
CD, CD-R / RW Playback
ID3 Tag Recognition
Direct Digital Path Direct Shielded Cable Connection to Rear Panel
Digital Audio Output - Coaxial
Digital Audio Output - Optical
Analog Audio Output
Parallel Audio Outputs All Outputs Simultaneously Active
Bi-directional RS-232 Control Port
Rear Panel IR Input
Rear Panel IR Output
Unique IR Codes Sets for Stacking Multiple Units ✓ (x9)
RI (Remote Interactive) In / Out
Anti-Resonant Aluminum Front Panel
Illuminated Disc Tray
Gold-Plated RCA Terminals
Oversized Detachable AC Cord
Rack Mount Kit Available IRK-120-3A
Warranty 3 YEARS
Disc Compatibility CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Signal Readout SystemOptical non-contact
Error Correction SystemCross-Interleave Reed-Solomon Code (CIRC)
Multi-Bit Digital to Analog ConverterWolfson 192 KHz / 24-Bit (x2)
Digital Filter128 Times Oversampling
Frequency Response5 Hz - 20 kHz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)0.005 % (at 1 kHz)
Audio Dynamic Range96 dB
S/N Ratio98 dB
Channel Separation92 dB (at 1 kHz)
Wow and FlutterBelow Threshold of Measurability
Audio Output (Digital / Optical)-22.5 dBm
Audio Output / Impedance (Digital / Coaxial)0.5 V (p-p) / 75 Ω
Audio Output / Impedance (Analog)2.0 V (rms) / 470 Ω
Power Supply RatingAC 120 V 60 Hz
Power Consumption10 W
Standby Power Consumption4 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)17 1/8" x 5 3/16" x 17 3/16"
(435 x 131 x 436mm)
Weight15.2 lbs. (6.9 kg)
Optional Rack Mount KitIRK-120-3A
U Dimension (with Rack Kit)4U
Dimensions (W x H x D)21-1/4" x 9-3/4" x 21"
(641 x 248 x 533mm)
Weight19 lbs. (8.6 kg)