More bang for your buck! The DPS-5.2 plays almost every disc format: CD-Rs, CD-RWs and CDs of MP3 files. It plays them all, including MP3 files from internet downloads. Up to 10 hours or more of music from a single disc, depending on the file bit rate. Other features include high resolution 192kHz.24bit DACs for the cleanest sound, our exclusive Direct Digital Path for noise-free signal transfer to your receiver or amp, and 96kHz/48kHz selectable digital output that lets you digitally upsample standard 44.1kHz bitstreams for improved high-resolution playback. The video playback is just as impressive. With a 27 MHz/10 bit Video DAC, parallel Composite, S-Video and even Component video outputs, the DPS-5.2 is sure to please. The DPS-5.2 doesn't cut corners on convenience either. Beyond usual features like Program Play, Random Play, Last Play Memory, and an on-screen display, the DPS-5.2 features the exclusive Quick Start Play, which can bypass all the stuff at the beginning of a DVD and get right to the movie. Additionally, the DPS-5.2 provides an RS-232 for system integration and a preprogrammed multi-brand full-function remote control.

Disc Capacity
DTS Compatible x
Dolby-Digital On-board x
HDCD Capable
Audio DAC 192kHz/24-bit
Direct Digital Path x
Dynamic Range 106 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio 100 dB
Dynamic Range Control x
THX Certification
2:3 Pulldown
Video DAC 27MHz/10-bit
Black-Level Control x
Video Noise Reduction x
Visual Search (speeds) x
Zoom Modes
Digital Audio Outputs (opt/coax) 1/1
6-Channel Outputs
Component Video Output x
WMA Playback
JPG Playback
Video CD Playback
S-Video Output x
Composite Video Output x
Firewire (IEEE 1394)
External Inputs
Built-in HD Scaler
Parallel Video Outputs x
Multichannel Output
Headphone Jack w/Volume
Parallel Video Output
RI Compatible x
Full Function Remote x
Bit Rate Meter x
RS232 Port x
Expansion Port
Keyboard Input
12v Trigger
Remote Control