THX Select

This certification from THX is your guarantee that the DTR-7.4 will perform in even the most demanding home theaters. To earn the right to carry this logo, this receiverhad to pass numerous audio and video tests employed by the world's most prestigious engineers. Net-Tune Network Audio Integra's exclusive Net-Tune distributed audio system offers unprecedented access to music stored on your computers' hard drives, the NAS-2.3 music server, even radio stations from around the world! Connect the DTR-7.4 to your broadband Internet connection and press the "Net-Audio" button on the front panel. Affordable stand-alone Net-Tune "clients" (NAC-2.3) offer the ability to have up to twelve different songs playing at the same time.

Firmware Upgrades via Ethernet

Keep your home theater centerpiece up-to-date with software downloads from the Internet. Add support for additional features by simply downloading a file to your computer. The DTR-7.4's flash memory is upgraded through your home's computer network.


A single cable is all that is required to connect the DTR-7.4 to your television. All video inputs, including composite and S-video are converted to a high-quality component signal. Not only is it a solid audio/video performer, the DTR-7.4 also boasts a family of control inputs and outputs to accommodate complex home theater installations.

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