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FAQ's for Receiver
When upconverting component video to HDMI with my DTR-10.5 why am I getting a "Resolution Error" message on the front panel and seeing no picture?
Is it normal for your unit to become fairly hot?
I’m unable to access my Vtuner service on the Internet Radio Preset section. How do I restore Vtuner service to the receiver?
What does HDMI Pass Thru mean?
HDMI Through for Receivers with HDMI 1.3a & higher
I am experiencing an Automatic Continuous Change of Listening Modes and/or Remote Controller Commands are not accepted. What can I do?
I am not getting any sound from my receiver.
The level calibration option in the setup menu is grayed out and won’t let me select it.
I am getting a low static noise coming from my front speakers even if the
olume is turned down.
I would like to connect my receiver to my wireless network.
Can you stream video files using DLNA?
I have songs on my USB drive and the receiver is not recognizing them.
Can I view photos or video files that are on my USB flash drive when connected to the receiver?
I have a 3D Blue Ray player and a 3D TV, but I am not getting the 3D signal to pass thru the receiver.
Which receivers are compatible with the Onkyo UBT-1 Bluetooth USB adapter?
Can I stream songs DLNA using Windows 8?
How do I reset the 2012 receiver to factory settings?
What is DSP?
What is a crossover and how does it function?
What is the preferred hookup for my powered subwoofer?
How do I determine the correct Front Speaker Parameter setting?
Why do my level settings go back to factory default when the unit is powered off?
I have audio on ALL inputs (bleeding through) of my receiver, but not on the input selected. Is there a problem with my receiver?
How do I use Zone2 on the DTR-8.2 receiver?
How do I connect my Satellite receiver to my A/V receiver?
Can I connect an external IR (infrared) receiver directly to the IR input on the back of my receiver?
I am experiencing audio (Sound) dropouts when watching a Dolby Digital broadcast from my Satellite or Cable Box that is connected to my receiver with the digital optical or the coax connection.
When running the 6.1 Speaker ID test from the Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up DVD, the surround back information comes out of the surround left & right instead of the surround back speakers. Why doesn't this work properly?
What is PROTECT mode?


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