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I recently purchased a “DualDisc” title and it does not play on my DVD player. Is there something wrong with my player or is it a problem with the disc?

Integra has become aware that some pre-recorded hybrid discs -- which are referred to as “DualDisc” -- have been released in the market to consumers by some music companies and record labels. These hybrid discs appear to be a bonded combination of DVD on one side of the disc and non-DVD (which may incorrectly be referred to as a CD side) on the other side. Integra understands that, although these discs may refer to a CD side, the “non-DVD” side is not compliant with the Compact Disc Digital Audio specification due to its decreased thickness and therefore does not bear the CD logo.

Integra recommends that consumers not use “DualDisc” titles with any Integra products, including CD players, CD Recorders and DVD players. Until Integra has an opportunity to test the new commercially available hybrid discs, Integra does not know whether Integra products can safely handle these new hybrid discs, or whether these discs may damage your Integra products.

Integra will update this notice as soon as our thorough investigation is completed.


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