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When playing Dolby Digital 5.1 encoded DVDs I can hear audio in Stereo or Pro-Logic but not in Dolby Digital. What am I doing wrong?

While most DVDs are encoded with a form of Dolby Digital as part of the soundtrack, it does not always mean they contain a 5.1-channel audio track. Some discs are encoded in 5.1 channels, Dolby Pro-Logic, stereo and some occasionally even in mono. So, even though the disc says Dolby Digital, it might not mean 5.1 channels were originally recorded. Some disc covers will indicate the number of channels, and some may not. Even on DVD discs recorded with DTS 5.1, there will still be some form of Dolby Digital audio available on that disc. Many discs offer a table of contents to select the audio format. If the DVD disc you are playing is a disc recorded in 5.1, but the receiver is only displaying Dolby Pro-Logic, certain settings or connections may not have been properly selected. First, check your digital connection (optical or coaxial). Make sure that you have assigned the digital cable to the proper input. If these look okay place the DVD player in the STOP mode and check the ""menu"" to make sure that the digital audio output is set for Bitstream "". For non-Integra DVD players that do not have a Bitstream selection you may need to select ON for both Dolby Digital/DTS. If you press the display button on the face of the receiver, or on the remote control, the number of channels being received from the DVD disc, will be indicated on the LCD display, 3/2.1 indicates 5.1, 3/0.1 indicates Front L/R, Center Channel, .1 is the subwoofer, 2/0 means Stereo.


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