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How do I use Zone2 on the DTR-8.2 receiver?

The DTR-8.2 is a ""true"" two-zone receiver. Depending on the application there are several ways to use this feature. You may set powered zone2 to active in the speaker setup menu if you want to use a powered zone2 in addition to the 5.1 channel main zone. Doing this switches the surround back speaker output to powered zone2. The 5.1 channel and zone2 outputs may be used simultaneously in this configuration. If powered zone2 is set to active, the SurrBack/Zone2 preout on the receiver becomes a variable zone2 output (for connection to an amplifier, etc.). Another configuration would be to set powered zone2 to inactive in the speaker setup menu in order to use 7.1 channels in the main zone. You may then connect the zone2 preout (fixed level) to an outboard receiver or dedicated amplifier.


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