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How do I connect my Satellite receiver to my A/V receiver?

Depending on the type of satellite receiver you have, connection options may vary. If the satellite receiver has a digital output for audio, connect the satellite receivers optical or coax digital output to the A/V receivers digital input. You must then assign the digital input of the A/V receiver.You must also connect the composite audio right and left(red and white) outputs from the satlliite receiver for the analog broadcast stations. Refer to the Owners Manual for this set up. The second option is to connect the satellite receivers L/R analog audio outputs to the appropriate L/R audio inputs on the A/V receiver. There are also two ways of connecting video from your satellite receiver. When connecting directly to the TV, you can either use the antenna connection or a video connection. This depends on the capabilities of your TV set and satellite receiver (check your owners manual). Video connections are made through either the Composite Video, S-Video, or Component Video outputs. The second method is to connect the video signal through the A/V receiver. To do this, select the video input on the A/V receiver to which you want to connect to, DVD, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, etc. Then from the A/V receiver, connect the monitor output to the TVs video input.


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