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I am experiencing audio (Sound) dropouts when watching a Dolby Digital broadcast from my Satellite or Cable Box that is connected to my receiver with the digital optical or the coax connection.

We have been working with Dolby Laboratories on a repair for the Dolby Digital broadcast issue that occurs with digital cable systems as well as digital satellite broadcast. We are aware of the issues that have affected our receivers with the newer version of broadcast encoding that Dolby Laboratories has been using. We have since had success with a new version of chipset that we have installed in each of the receiver models that have been affected. The models that are found to have the problems are the DTR-5.2, DTR-6.2, DTR-7.2 and the DTR-8.2. If you own one of these units while using any form of Dolby Laboratories Digital broadcast and are experiencing the audio dropouts and would like to have the issue resolved, please check our website for your nearest authorized service location. Take the unit to them with your bill of sale, at that point please call us at 800-225-1946 and select option 2 for our product support team. We will assist having the unit repaired for you.


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