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When running the 6.1 Speaker ID test from the Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up DVD, the surround back information comes out of the surround left & right instead of the surround back speakers. Why doesn't this work properly?

This disc contains both Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 Speaker ID tests. The DTS-ES test under ""Chapter 5: Audio Tune-Up, Additional Audio Tests, DTS Tests, 6.1 Speaker ID "" will function correctly, with surround left/right and surround back being discretely decoded. Unfortunately the Dolby Digital EX test is not properly ""flagged"" for this 6.1 information. Therefore, using the receiver's default ""Auto"" setting for THX Surround EX will not trigger the EX decoding. To set the decoding to ""On"", enter the receiver's setup menu and select ""Audio Adjust"". Scroll to the second page and select ""THX Setup"". Set ""Surround EX"" to ""On"". This will force the receiver to always decode Dolby Digital signals using Surround EX post-processing.


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