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When upconverting component video to HDMI with my DTR-10.5 why am I getting a "Resolution Error" message on the front panel and seeing no picture?

The DTR-10.5 has the ability to "talk" to your display (plasma, etc.). This lets the DTR-10.5 know which types of video signal your display can accept (480p, 720p, 1080i). However, some displays send incomplete or inaccurate information about what signal types they can accept. For example, the display might "tell" the DTR-10.5 the highest resolution it can accept is 480p, when the display can actually accept up to 1080i. When trying to upconvert 1080i component signals to HDMI, in this case, the DTR-10.5 doesn't think your display supports this format. Therefore you may get a "Resolution Error" message on the front panel of the DTR-10.5 . If this happens, you must "force" the DTR-10.5 to ignore the display's communication and as it upconverts, pass through all video formats to the display. To enable this feature, push and hold the "Video 1" button on the front panel of the DTR-10.5 then push the "Setup" button, then release both buttons. "DVI Output : Auto" will be displayed. use the right scroll wheel to select "DVI Output : On" to enter the forced mode.


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