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I am not getting any sound from my receiver.

Go to “Level Calibration” in the setup menu to check if the system is producing any test tones. For older units, press the “Test Tone” button on the remote. If the unit is not producing any test tones try doing a master reset. To do the reset you need to turn the receiver on, then on the front panel of the receiver press and hold the "VCR/DVR" button (CBL/SAT for new models) while doing that press the "STANDBY/ON" button. You will see the word "Clear" in the display screen and the receiver will go into standby mode. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR AUDIO & VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS ON THE RECEIVER PLUS YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR SPEAKER CONFIGURATIONS, SPEAKER DISTANCE AND ALL LEVEL CALIBRATION SETTINGS. YOU WILL ALSO LOSE ANY PROGRAMMED RADIO STATIONS IN MEMORY.


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