From early design concepts to product rollout, Integra and THX work together to ensure every detail is meticulously mapped to Integra and THX exacting performance standards. THX engineers spend countless hours testing and analyzing Integra products for sound quality, usability and interoperability.

This enduring relationship between Integra and THX guarantees even greater reliability and quality from certified A/V products.

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This is how we define ourselves - passion and excellence. It's built into the design, the construction, and the performance of every Integra component. We don't build simply to impress.We make premium A/V components that the enthusiasts love and the industry admires. Components that break new ground in high-end build quality, high-definition potential, system integration, and multi-zone expansion. Free from superficial considerations, Integra reaches the pinnacle of a class and is the choice of A/V experts and home theater fans worldwide.

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  • Change to DBS-30.3 and DBS-50.3 streaming services ....more

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