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Premium 5-Disc DVD/CD Changer
The DPS-5.1 offers you identical state-of-the-art technologies and design as the DPS-6.1. For example, it has the same heavy-duty shielded Integra power supply to provide hum-free high-performance, Burr-Brown DACs to deliver high-resolution reproduction of the latest software, and thick stainless-steel video shielding to ensure a noise-free audio signal. On the back panel, you have enough outputs to satisfy even the most complex systems needs. There are both optical and coaxial digital outputs to transmit the Dolby Digital, DTS, and linear PCM digital-data bitstreams, a pair of gold-plated analog outputs, as well as S-Video and composite video outputs to easily feed video to a second room. And since this is a high-performance piece of gear, you also have gold-plated component-video outputs to send separate color-information signals to upscale projectors and monitors. Whatever your home entertainment expectations, this versatile changer is bound to please.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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