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Premium 6-Disc DVD/CD Changer
What will surprise you most about this DVD player is not its video performance, which is right up there with the best, but its sound quality, which is nothing short of extraordinary. Its so good, in fact, you may consider it as a replacement CD player that has DVD-playback capability as a bonus!Depending on the quality of your receiver or amplifiers digital-to-analog converter (DAC) circuits, you may want to play your standard music CDs through the DPC-6.1s gold-plated analog output, rather than the usual digital output. Why? Because the players state-of-the-art Burr-Brown 96kHz/24-bit DAC system gives you CD sound quality that is fully up to that of the best stand-alone CD-only players (and better than what many receiver/amplifier DACs are capable of delivering).Suffice it to say that the DPS-6.1s spectacular sound and picture will open your eyes, astound your ears, and raise your opinion of just how good a DVD changer can be.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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