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THX Ultra Universal Player with Built-in HD Scaler
Music and movies - perfected. If you desire the highest performance from your home theater, then look no further. Reference quality components, sleek and ergonomic design, and unsurpassed connectivity combine to give you audio and video performance fit for a king. Your home theater deserves the royal treatment. Give it the DPS-10.5.

Universal Compatibility
In addition to offering playback of high-resolution DVD-Audio discs, this universal player reads multi-channel SACD, MP3, CD-R/ RW and DVD±R/ RW. The DPS-10.5 doesn't just simply support these formats, it excels at it – reproducing your favorite music and movies with new clarity and depth.

Overbuilt Design
The heft behind the DPS-10.5 is not just simply for show. A high current toroidal transformer and generous power supply ensure that all circuits perform at their best. A rigid aluminum chassis, integrated stabilizer network, and solid aluminum feet contribute to a robust platform that resists vibration for error-free playback. Even the player's coaxial digital jacks are machined from a solid piece of brass — rare craftsmanship in today's mass-market manufacturing.

All audio and video connections remain digital for superb audio and video transfer - even high resolution DVD-Audio and SACD! The built-in scaling incorporates our "Veridic" Progressive Scan technology to output beautiful HD images, ensuring that your video is "true" to life.

Destined to be a lasting centerpiece for your home theater, the DPS-10.5 features cutting edge technologies like HDMI and iLink. These new formats simplify system hookup, sound and look better, and are best suited for the digital signals used in home theaters today (and tomorrow). Superb engineering, "top-shelf" performance - all of this could only come from one company...


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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