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Premium Digital Surround Receiver
The fact that this receiver is still in demand is proof that quality and high performance never go out of style. It's also strong testament to the inherent excellence of the DTR-6's design. Like our more expensive models, it gives you high-precision, all-channel 96 kHz/24-bit decoding for all of the mainstream formats, including, of course, Dolby Digital, the format chosen for digital TV. The DTR-6 was even designed with DVD-Audio playback in mind, providing six-channel audio inputs, and delivering a rated signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB and a frequency response all the way out to 100 kHz. Even more impressive, the DTR-6's five main channels are FTC/UL-rated at 110 watts into 6 ohms - enough sheer gutsy power drive today's more challenging speaker systems to near-deafening levels. if you have an unusually large room and/or madly crave even more power, there are pre outs for front, center, and rear channels, so you can add external amplifiers and play your sources even louder.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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