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XM Ready®, THXTM Select2 7.1 Receiver w/ HDMI
Raising the bar and simplifying home theater.- with HDMI upconversion, an XM Ready® tuner, and THXTM Select2 Certification, the DTR-7.7 is the perfect centerpiece for the home theater enthusiast who demands the best.

THXTM Select2
This latest certification from THX is your guarantee that the DTR-7.7 will perform in even the most demanding home theaters. And with its 7.1 channels of processing and amplification, the DTR-7.7 tranforms an ordinary room into your own private screening room and concert hall.

IntelliZoneTM Multi-Room
At Integra, we understand that you don't live in one room of your home. That’s why the DTR-7.7 includes our IntelliZone family of second room features such as independent source selection, Powered Zone 2 capability, automatic turn-on volume level, maximum volume level, and even bass/treble/balance controls!

Audio/Video Performance
Don’t get caught up in a web of cables and connections. The DTR-7.7 features the latest in digital transmission technology, high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) to carry both multi-channel digital audio and HD video for improved performance with fewer connections- simplifying your home theater. Incoming composite, s-video, and component video signals are upconverted and deinterlaced before being output via HDMI. With HD video bandwidth of up to 1080p via HDMI- the DTR-7.7 is ready for next generation DVD players. High- quality digital-to-analog converters, a high current power supply, wide-range amplifier technology, and XM Connect-and-playTM capability combine to deliver an unparalleled music and movie experience.

* Required Connect-and-PlayTM antenna and XM subscription sold separately.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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