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7.1 Channel Net-Tune Ready THX Select Receiver

Built to the same exacting performance standards, and in fact, sharing many of the specs of the DTR-9.1U2, Integra proudly offers the DTR-8.3. As a result, the feature package of this unit can be summed up in one word: amazing.

Besides the professional grade video switching -- up to 60MHz for HDTV and progressive DVD capabilities -- the DTR-8.3 features multi-zone system expansion capability. On the video side, you’ll find a 3-line comb filter for composite to S-video conversion and component video “upconversion” -- which converts composite and S-video to component -- just for starters. Add THX Select certification, THX Surround EX, DTS-ES, Dolby Digital, DTS-96/24, Dolby ProLogic II and even DTS Neo-6 decoding, and you’re still only getting a taste of what it has to offer..

System expansion and flexible control are two areas where the DTR-8.3 really shines. The unit offers three different methods for dual zone operation: Powered Zone 2 uses the unit's internal amps to drive speakers in another room. Line Level Out and a 12V trigger let you use an external amp to drive the Second Zone. Net-Tune is a revolutionary system that allows you to connect your receiver(s) to the NAS-2.3 to “stream” audio from a music server. For more detailed information on this ground-breaking system, please see page 30. The unit’s RS-232 port allows connection to a whole house control system. The DTR-8.3 also comes with our new Custom Home Automation Device-or CHAD-a programmable, IR/RF touch-screen LCD remote, that provides comprehensive control of the receiver and the entire system..

By using the same circuit design and construction that make the DTR-9.1U2 such a tremendous performer, we’ve ensured that the sound quality is nothing short of spectacular by including Optimum Gain Volume Control, heavy duty power supplies, high density filtering capacitors, hand-matched components and absolute ground circuitry through the use of pure copper busses and shorting bars and high-resolution 192kHz/24-Bit DACs..

Finally, convenience and ease of use have not been sacrificed—despite the powerful capabilities. For a home theater centerpiece with the flexibility to grow with your needs, choose the DTR-8.3…and you’ll never be disappointed.

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Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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