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Multi-Source, Multi-Zone Amplifier

50 Watts RMS at 8 ohms
4 Amplified zones- expandable to 32 zones
Stable into 6 ohm loads
3 Progressive levels of thermal protection and control
Level 1
Internal cooling fans
Level 2
Volume reduction by 20 dB
Level 3
Amplifiers shut down until temperature reduces below first level
Protection against short-term output shorts
Front panel clipping indicators for each zone
Amp On status indication
Maximum volume setting by zone (amp or preamplifier outputs)

7 Stereo sources, 1 mono source (typically for paging application)
8 Source composite video switcher
Bass, treble, balance, & loudness control by zone
Output levels can be set independent of amplier or set to track w/ amplier

Real time clock w/ alarm functions, event scheduling and sleep timer
6 Configurable global preset commands and page preset
Aluminum front panel w/ LCD & LED indicators
USB, RS-232 and infrared ports for discrete control and monitoring
Program via PC, optional keypads, or LCD front panel
Looped 1.5 second .wav file can be uploaded for use with page preset feature
Zone linking capability
4 Buffered infrared emitter ports (2 w/ IR routing)
34-Pin ribbon cable expansion bus input / output for passing of data, IR, Amp-On and audio to up to 32 zones
12V power output (x2) and 12V Amp-On zone outputs (x5)
Paging & status terminals
Firmware upgradeable
Optional rack mount kit available- IRK-130-4

Keypads / Controllers
Zones can be controlled via PC software, optional keypads or IR remote
IR remote not included
Discrete IR commands for all 32 zones for control via universal remote (no keypad required)

KEY-2.7 Features
Tactile buttons
Customizable source button name/layout
Standby, Mute, Volume Up/Down, 6 source selects
Volume level & power on status indicators
Plasma friendly IR receiver
Single gang mounting w/ RJ-45 connection

KEY-5.7 Features
Same as KEY-2.7 w/ the following additional features:
Backlit buttons
10 button numeric keypad
Transport & skip buttons
Source select buttons are long press/dual function
IR learning capability
Firmware upgradeable

KEY-7.7 (future) Features
Single gang color LCD touchscreen controller


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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