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Important Notice for Net-Tune Product Feature Customers

Dear Integra Customers,

iMerge, the Internet Radio service available through Net-Tune™ capable INTEGRA® brand products, announced that it discontinued the iMerge service and will no longer be supporting Internet radio streaming. iMerge advises that this is due largely to changes adopted by Internet Radio stations in their broadcasting formats. In addition, iMerge announced that it is no longer actively maintaining the Internet Radio database. These announcements mean that as streaming formats continue to change, the selection of Internet Radio stations available through Net-Tune™ will decrease and eventually will cease.

The unavailability of the iMerge service does not adversely affect the superb audio and video quality of your Integra products or the audio distribution functionality of Net-Tune™ capable products. The audio and video quality and distribution functionality is independent from the Internet Radio capability of Integra brand products previously offered with Net-Tune™ capabilities. Of course you may continue to use the Net-Tune™ feature to stream high quality audio from your PC

From the iMerge site

NP200 Internet Radio Support

Issue Date: 20 December 2005

Re: Withdrawal of XiVA Internet radio support on Imerge NP200 Network Player

The market leading Imerge NP200 Network Player is at the forefront of audio distribution technology, using IP networking to share media around the modern home when used in conjunction with an Imerge S2000 SoundServer. The combination of this technology, a high quality 20W stereo amplifier, digital/analogue audio inputs, AM/FM and internet radio have made it an ideal companion to XiVA SoundServers, where standard cable runs are not practical. Internet radio service provision and streaming formats have changed dramatically in recent years causing many of the NP200 compatible internet radio stations to swap their broadcasting formats in favour of new standards. Regrettably, and for reasons beyond our control, we will no longer be supporting internet radio streaming on NP200 network players shipped from 20th December 2005. In addition, we will no longer be actively maintaining the Internet Radio database for current NP200 users, which means that as streaming formats change the selection of Internet Radio Stations available may diminish. The NP200 will remain XiVA's choice for audio distribution via IP networks due to its ease of use and practicality and we hope that our customers will continue to appreciate the quality of lossless streaming over both wired and wireless networks from the SoundServer, as well as the many other features it has to offer.



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