What is DTS Play-Fi®?

Play-Fi is premium whole-home wireless audio, now available from the largest ecosystem of brands in the world including Integra. Stream your favorite content with astounding audio quality, from every device that you've got.

All Play-Fi products are seamlessly interoperable, so you can find the perfect speaker for every room, and know that they will all make beautiful music together.

Whole home audio, made easy:

Play-Fi sends audio from mobile devices to speakers throughout the home using our proprietary streaming, synchronization, and authentication technology.

Features include:

- Multi-room, multi-zone, multi-user options
- New features and services delivered wirelessly
- Works over standard Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Powerline networks
- For Android and iOS

Freedom of choice, at last

Every single Play-Fi product works perfectly with all the rest, regardless of brand, so you get a huge range of options to customize your home, and one simple, elegant listening experience.

Play-Fi offers an unparalleled selection of audio products for your home, from compact battery-powered speakers to powerful soundbars, built by the most respected audio brands in the business. No more compromising your style or taste to get a high-quality wireless audio solution.

An endless supply of music

Play-Fi comes with a wealth of music options from around the globe.  Spotify, Pandora*, Deezer, Napster, KKBox and Sirius XM, to name a few. Browse a radio guide with thousands of stations and podcasts, or stream from a home media server.  

Stay tuned, because new services are added all the time.

* Pandora is enabled for select Play-Fi products only.

Play-Fi for audio companies:

Play-Fi is available as a complete, easy to integrate wireless module. Our technology integrates seamlessly into speakers, soundbars, AVRs and other audio products.

  • Robust, low cost design for easy integration
  • Broad protocol support built in: Play-Fi, DLNA, AirPlay* and Spotify Connect
  • World-class manufacturing from Play-Fi Certified ODMs
  • Complete turn-key product platforms also available

* AirPlay certification is optional, and requires additional licensing directly with Apple.

Play-Fi for mobile and PC companies:

Play-Fi software solutions add multi-room Wi-Fi streaming capabilities to devices at the OS level.  

- Set-up, control and manage speakers via the Play-Fi icon in the service tray
- Stream from any application to any room, or every room
- Available now for Android and Windows
- Simple and quick to integrate

Play-Fi for content partners:

Work with our team to add your service directly into the Play-Fi ecosystem via our Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS apps. Our experts make the integration process painless, and we deliver the user experience for your listeners exactly the way you want it.

You can also add a Play-Fi button to your app using our Play-Fi SDKs, so users can select and stream directly to any Play-Fi speaker.

Play-Fi production resources:

Our global manufacturing partners are ready to help bring your Play-Fi products to market.

In addition to their extensive audio expertise, as certified Play-Fi ODMs, these leading manufacturers offer everything from complete Play-Fi designs to product engineering and development, production and certification.

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Compatible Integra Models

Firmware Now Available:

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