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Integra Introduces 50-inch Plasma Monitor System
01/25/02 - Rounding out its home theater line, Integra has introduced its first video package, the HDTV-capable PLA-50FP1. The package consists of a 50-inch plasma display panel, the PLA-50V1, and an FPV-1 Video Processor. PLA-50V1 Plasma Display: Slim and light enough to hang on a wall, the 50-inch display has a 16:9 aspect ratio to match wide-screen movies, fine enough resolution to display readable text from computer data, and enough inputs of every type to handle both kinds of images. In fact, the PLA-50V1 can even display both at once – the first advanced monitor with this Multi Screen feature. Only 4.2 inches thick, the widescreen display has a resolution of over 1 megapixel (1,326 x 768 pixels). The individual pixels are square for denser packing. Integra’s exclusive Capsulated Color Filters that are embedded in each pixel optimize color while reducing screen reflection. A matrix of black stripes absorbs unwanted light and further reduces reflections to create enhanced sharpness and deeper black levels. Virtually any input signal can be accommodated by the display’s seven video inputs: HDTV, PC or Macintosh computers, and digital equipment using the DVI interface standard. Input signals can be in NTSC, PAL, SECAM, RGB, HD, DVD, and DTV formats. Processing circuitry within the display converts all interlaced input signals to progressive scan and performs inverse 3:2 pulldown for optimum smoothness from filmed originals. An on-screen display allows picture adjustment via the supplied remote control or RS-232 control port. FPV-1 Digital Processor: Developed in conjunction with Faroudja Laboratories, this unit performs additional processing to further optimize the displayed image. The FPV-1 scales video signals to a precise, pixel-to-pixel match for the PLA-50V1 display. In addition, it uses Faroudja’s patented Diagonal Correlation Deinterlacing to prevent jagged-edged motion artifacts and edit-detection circuitry with 3:2 pull-down to provide the smoothest possible images from film-based video sources. Faroudja’s patented Cross-Color suppression and 20-bit adaptive digital comb filtering enhance color purity and image detail. The FPV-1 has inputs for HD/computer, component, S-Video and composite, plus a selectable RGB/component video output. It provides front-panel controls for brightness, color, contrast, tint, and aspect ratio, with four presets.
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