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Integra's Net-Tune Client Brings Music To Everyone's Ears
08/24/02 - Integra has introduced the NAC-2.3 Net-Tuneā„¢ 'client', an executive mini-receiver capable of accessing digitally stored PCM and MP3 files via a single Ethernet connection from a central server, the Integra NAS-2.3. It is even capable of receiving Internet Radio stations in MP3 or WMA format using a broadband connection. This system is simple and intuitive to set up and use, and makes more than a thousand hours of stored audio available instantly accessible over wired or wireless home networks.Up to 12 different rooms can use individual NAC-2.3 or other Net-Tune Ready audio components, such as the Integra DTR-7.3 and DTR-8.3 A/V receivers, to independently access Integra's NAS-2.3 Net-Tune server and Internet radio over wired or wireless Local Area Networks (LAN). The server, which can store up to 1300 hours of compressed and uncompressed audio, functions as the central music library. Using this server and client system, Dad can play jazz in the den, Mom can listen to Elvis in the living room, and Junior and up to nine other family members can each listen to the same or different recordings at any time without interfering with each other.The NAC-2.3 has conventional RCA fixed and variable outputs, which allow it to serve as a source component to a preamplifier or receiver. This makes it a simple and convenient way to add Net-Tune capability to existing home audio or A/V systems. The front panel readout or onscreen display through a television can be used to locate and select albums, individual tracks, or even custom playlists based on genre or artist for hours of uninterrupted music.As the centerpiece of a standalone mini-system, The NAC-2.3 features a 15-Watt per channel WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) amplifier, and a high-sensitivity AM/FM tuner. An auxiliary input provides the option of adding an external CD player, MiniDisc, or cassette recorder. Programmable clock and timer functions make it ideal for use in the bedroom, kitchen, study, or den.The Integra NAC-2.3 will be available in September at a suggested retail price of $500.
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