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Integra Net-Tune Server Brings Networking Down To Earth
08/24/02 - Integra has introduced its NAS-2.3 Net-Tune server, an electronic audio library capable of encoding and storing hundreds of CDs worth of music, and distributing up to a dozen different high quality audio streams at once. This hard-drive based device is the centerpiece of the company's Net-Tune line of products, which unite the technologies of home computer networking and distributed home audio in a system that anyone can set up and use.As the library of an entire music collection, the NAS-2.3 makes finding and accessing music a snap. When ‘ripping’ a disc, the server can automatically retrieve information on the recording, such as Genre, Artist, Album, and Track names via Gracenote's online CD Database (CDDB), so organizing files is a snap. Individual songs, albums, or custom playlists can be found and established based on a huge variety of criteria such as specific artists, albums, or even genre. Dad can use his 'client' to randomly play from his jazz collection in the den, while mom listens to the Rolling Stones in the basement, and the kids listen to Britney Spears upstairs. The same song can even be halfway over in one room, while just being started in another. Because the playback doesn't involve changing discs, there is no delay such as that associated with multi-disc jukebox storage devices. The Integra NAS-2.3 uses Imerge’s XiVA platform to manage the storage and distribution of digital media files, with user control from the front panel, infrared remote, and networked PCs. When listening to a song, XiVA-Net allows the user to quickly link to a performer’s web site. Integra’s NAS-2.3 can record and store up to 1300 hours worth of digital audio as uncompressed or compressed data files on its 80 GB of Hard drive space. The built-in CD drive and MP3 encoder make ripping CDs simple and fast, at MP3 bit-rates of 128 kbps, 192 kbps VBR (variable bit rate), or 320 kbps. In addition, MP3s previously recorded on a CD or stored on a PC can be transferred through the home network. Using the rear-panel Ethernet jack, a single Cat-5 cable can be used to connect the NAS-2.3 to networked to home PCs and up to 12 'client' stations, either stand-alone units such as Integra's NAC-2.3, or Net-Tune ready receivers, such as the DTR-7.3 or 8.3. The NAS-2.3 can access the internet either by home network broadband connection (DSL, or cable modem) or using the built-in dialup modem.The Integra NAS-2.3 will be available in September at a suggested retail price of $2,000
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