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Integra Introduces 7 x 120 Watt Digital Power Amplifier
05/14/03 - Integra has introduced the DTA-9.4 seven-channel home theater amplifier, the company’s first digital and first multichannel home theater power amplifier. The Integra DTA-9.4 “Pure Digital” amplifier provides very high sound quality in part through exclusive digital technology and also by maintaining exceptional power linearity across the full impedance range of modern loudspeakers. It is capable of delivering 120 Watts into seven channels at 8 Ohms, and perfectly doubling that power to 240 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms. Designed specifically for multichannel home theater, the DTA-9.4's unique digital design gives it an operating efficiency of 90%, more than twice that of conventional class AB amplifiers, while at the same time having a smaller “footprint.” The high output current, 400 kHz switching power supply features 156,000 microfarads of capacitance for nearly inexhaustible current reserves, and complete compatibility with low impedance 4-Ohm speaker loads.The DTA-9.4 marks the first implementation of Integra's Vector Linear PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, which combines an advanced digital switching topology with sophisticated shaping circuitry for remarkably detailed and efficient audio amplification. This shaping is performed using Vector Linear technology derived from the company’s high end D/A converters. This “remasters” the incoming analog signal, significantly reducing any potential pulse noise in the signal and improving overall accuracy.Most digital amplifier power supplies are plagued by noise caused by the transient capacitance inherent in switched MOSFET devices. But thanks to an ingenious circuit that monitors this characteristic, the DTA-9.4’s “Zero Switching Power Supply” only switches when this value is zero, resulting in a highly accurate power supply output.For use with compatible equipment, such as the Integra DTC-9.4 preamplifier/processor, the amplifier features gold plated balanced XLR inputs for improved signal transfer. Of course there are also extremely high quality gold-plated unbalanced terminals. Heavy-duty gold plated speaker terminals allow for the use of banana plugs, or spade lugs.Each channel of the DTA-9.4 features a completely independent circuit topology for superior reproduction fidelity. The amplifier benefits from an ultra low internal impedance design, thanks to the extensive use of copper bus bar and heavy gauge wiring, to provide superior response to transients and variations in the speaker load. The high efficiency of the PWM design eliminates the need for a noisy cooling fan.For integration with home theater systems, there is a 12-volt trigger input terminal for remote turn-on and “DimmerLink” to the DTC-9.4. The amplifier also includes a heavy-duty, audiophile-grade oxygen free copper detachable power cord.The Integra DTA-9.4 will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $3,000.
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